Why Us

Why We're Grade A


Our Process & People Set Us Apart

When you and your family or co-workers are looking for a cleaning service, you have dozens of options. 

What Makes Grade A Cleaning Services Different?

  • Set project pricing – We do not charge by the hour like most cleaning services in the area. We have a set price, and regardless of how long it takes to do the job properly, we’ll do it. There’s nothing worse than being surprised when you get a bill. We assure you, that won’t happen with us.
  • Military Wives – We are reliable, driven, detail-oriented multi-taskers who take a lot of pride in each cleaning that we perform.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – While we’ve never had a customer who wasn’t fully satisfied the first time, if for any reason you’re not fully satisfied with your cleaning, call us, and we’ll schedule a time the very next day to assure your satisfaction.
  • Military Access – Do you live on a military base or in military housing? No problem. Each of our team members has access, which means less of a headache for you.
  • Continuity – Continuity of care is something we take seriously. We try our hardest to keep the same people in your home at all times. You’ll never be surprised and have a stranger show up to clean your home or business. We take pride in building report with our customers and building a level of trustworthiness with each.
  • Easy Payment – We have hassle-less payment options available to our customers, credit card swiper for onsite payment.