You Can Trust Us!

We Treat You How We'd Want To Be Treated

Allowing someone new into your home can be a stressful situation. That’s why every team member joining Grade A Cleaning Services is required be shadowed for 60 days only after we do extensive background checks.

Our Employee Background Checks


  • SSN Trace + Address History
  • Verify Social Security Number, names, aliases, and previous addresses for further investigation

Criminal Records

  • National Criminal Databases Search
  • 7 Year County Criminal Court Check

Sex Offender List Check

  • Our criminal background checks can go a step further to focus on the list of registered sex offenders

Even Our Records Are Clean

You Can Trust Us in Your Homes

Based on the candidate's 7-year address history, we search up to 3 county criminal courts to uncover additional details and criminal records that are not yet digitized. Our professional court runners obtain these records in person, at the courthouse. 


Safest Cleaning Supplies

No Harsh & Dangerous Chemicals 

We understand the importance of health in the home and workplace.  That’s why we use the most safe cleaning supplies possible.  We do not use products with toxic or harsh chemicals.  When you walk into your freshly cleaned home or office, you’re going to smell clean – not chemicals.