Our Team

Your Clean Team


We're More Than Just a Cleaning Company!

Grade A Cleaning Services is comprised of a team of military wives who raise our kids and help their husbands serve our great nation. But between the hours of 8:30AM – 3:00PM, you can find us cleaning the homes and office buildings of those in our community.

We want your family to enjoy the most comfortable home imaginable – and your co-workers to experience a boost in efficiency that comes from a clean, organized and clutter-free work environment.

Also, we don’t throw the label “Military Wives” lightly.  There’s a very specific set of traits and characteristics that uniquely set us apart from your typical cleaning company. 

Passion For Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning – oddly enough – our founder, Alyssa, and our team love it… I mean, genuinely enjoy it. It’s our passion, and it’s in our DNA.

To Alyssa and our staff, nothing makes us happier than a clean sink and an organized home. Our team at Grade A Cleaning Services takes an intense amount of pride into every home or office we enter.  We are known to stay later than expected (while not charging extra) to make sure we’ve gotten all the hard water stains out of the sink and all those pesky Goldfish crumbs from between the nooks and crannies of your couch.

At Grade A Cleaning Services, seeing the transformation in each space and hearing from happy customers is authentically priceless to us.

Our Principals

  1. A job isn’t worth doing unless its done properly – and done right the first time
  2. Teamwork and communication is paramount success of the job and the overall happiness of our customers
  3. Efficiency is key to accomplishing our tasks and providing the greatest service possible
  4. Every cleaning should be done with an intense amount of pride
  5. We have each others’ backs – we genuinely help one another, lend a hand and do whatever is necessary to make our customers as happy as possible