Our Story

Our Story


Alyssa Putnam, founder of Grade A Cleaning Services, grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania called DuBois. She graduated high school from DuBois Central Catholic. She then attended Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA graduating with a degree in Sociology/Anthropology and Psychology.  Soon after college, she married her husband – and immediately learned the life of a military wife.  She and her husband have moved to six bases (NM, AR, NC, AK, PA and now Delaware) in eight years.

What does any of this have to do with starting a cleaning services company...? 

Well, every time she and her husband were forced to move, she had to clean their home to pass final military inspection.  This is enough to scare most people, but Alyssa always received rave reviews from her inspector during final move out.

When they moved to Dover, DE in 2013, in addition to her professional career, Alyssa started cleaning on the side to earn money for her children’s activities.  One cleaning lead to another… which lead to another job… and well, you get it.

Based on the overwhelming word-of-mouth buzz she was receiving throughout Dover, she decided to follow her passion for cleaning, resign from her 9-5 position and whole heartedly start and grow her professional cleaning service.

Since launching Grade A Cleaning Services, Alyssa and her team have grown to serve more than 100 clients.

Having a passion for helping others and understanding the importance of a clean home, Alyssa sets out to offer affordable cleaning services for everyone, not just some.