Who is Grade A Cleaning Services


When asking, “What is Grade A Cleaning Services,” we immediately answer by telling our customers more about WHO we are.

Grade A Cleaning Services is a group of military wives dedicated to full-service residential and commercial cleaning. In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced world, there’s countless ways to help other people – and Alyssa Putnam (Founder of Grade A Cleaning Services) and the individuals on our team have found that providing cleaning services to homes and businesses is their unique way of personally (and professionally) helping those families and professionals who live throughout the communities where they already live, work and play. 

Our Passion!

Let us help you!

Through our passion for cleaning, our team at Grade A Cleaning Services positively impacts the lives of others – allowing individuals and families to better focus their time on accomplishing the tasks ahead of them, schedule more time enjoying their hobbies, and/or dedicate more quality time with their families and loved ones. 


It's Not Just About Looks

At Grade A Cleaning Services, we know that providing a clean home and office means providing a healthier and enjoyable home and office.  We have a passion for helping others and promoting healthy living, and cleaning has given us the unique opportunity to meld our passions for the good of others. 

Benefits to a Grade A Clean

Cleaning a home and office is so much more than simply providing a more organized environment. It also:


Reduces the risk of cross contamination (ex: E.coli bacteria)


Promotes greater air quality (helps with respiratory conditions & health)


Reduces the mental stress of having a cluttered, unorganized environment


Increases productivity and help clients focus on their other tasks at hand